Carbon Monoxide Testing


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Carbon Monoxide Testing

Don’t Risk Exposure To This Deadly Gas!

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas byproduct that is sometimes emitted by faulty gas appliances. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal. The reason carbon monoxide is such a dangerous gas is because it has no smell and it is very hard to detect without advanced equipment.

Many plumbers employ the crude method of checking the condition and colour of a flame when attempting to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. Having such an unqualified plumber to check your equipment puts you at severe risk.

Our Technicians are equipped with some of the latest carbon monoxide detecting equipment in the industry and we have tested and documented procedures to correctly check gas appliances for possible carbon monoxide situations.

In addition we monitor the ambient conditions of your home including ensuring sufficient room ventilation and the location and nature of the exhaust fans that may affect the carbon monoxide output from an appliance.

Don’t risk your life or the lives of your loved ones by exposing them to this deadly gas. Call us today and book a carbon monoxide detection test.

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