Blocked Drains


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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are most commonly a result of tree roots and other items like cooking fat and sanitary products that build up in the pipes. Because drainage pipes in your home are usually only 10cm in diameter they can easily become blocked if items enter the system that it was not designed to handle.

With a blocked drain or drainage problems you may find it difficult to flush your toilet or notice that dirty waste water drains away very slowly or worse it comes back up from the toilet or sink, flooding your home or property.

How we do it

At DJS Plumbing we have developed a unique system to clean blocked drains throughout your house – whether in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. We also clean drains external to your house, depending on your needs.

We employ a number of methods to clear clogged drains, including electric drain machines & hydro-jet drain cleaners and for permanent and long term solutions we utilise a Closed Circuit TV Drain Camera

Electric drain cleaners

These are commonly used machines for clearing a blocked toilet or blocked sewer drains. An electric drain cleaner has a steel flexible rod with a cutter on the end run by an electric motor that cuts & removes tree roots or any other obstruction in the drain.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaners

A Hydro-Jet drain cleaner pumps a high pressure water jet into your blocked drain to unclog any connecting pipes. The high pressure jet cuts out & removes obstacles inside the sewer drain. This method is far more effective and cleans drains better than the electric drain machines. Consequently it is often used for more serious blockages.

CCTV Drain Camera

Sometimes simply clearing the blocked sewer or stormwater line does not reveal what caused it to block in the first place. A drain camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) plumbing camera that can be put down into your sewer or stormwater line in the case of reoccurring blockages.

Blockages in the line being inspected will show up on a video and this helps us determine the best course of action to take to permanently prevent blockages in the future.

Without a CCTV drain camera inspection it would not be possible to know what caused the blocked sewer or stormwater line, and without this knowledge it is difficult to develop a more permanent solution and hence prevent the blockage from recurring.

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